Posted on Jun 23, 2017

Three Mothers Art Gallery

Name & Idea of Art: " Lord Protector" (the remark Dragon throne), it is the secret Artistic figure "Taoroinai Throne" the soul giving god, by the request of gods & goddess who came from the moon on earth according to "Leisemba Puya" and "Langmaiching-Ching-Koi-Rol" the holybook of the meiteis, as the Srimad Bhagabat Geeta of the hindus, that related to the astrological and scientific theory and idea in the solar system, if the moon is not only one natural satellite to our planet earth, there is not known even a single body on earth.

Another Mythology Believes & Idea to the Meities: It is the perfect supreme figure as a throne for power, knowledge and strength used by the Meitei Kings as "Kangla Phampan Kaba" or sitting on the Kangla throne, from the time of the 1st king of Manipur " Nongda Lairen Pakhangba" in 33 A.D to king Kulachandra in 1891 in different shapes & styles.
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